A G Pool Not All Is Lost

Above Ground Pools, Not All Is Lost..At least not always. you may have an above ground pool that received some winter damage where the liner let go and the wall area where the skimmer attaches is bent down and/or ripped? or maybe the pool wall rusted through in the skimmer or return area. Then you ask yourself should I buy a whole new pool? Can this pool be repaired? Do I have to buy a whole new pool wall and liner? etc. Well I want you to take a look at a few pictures that might help you to understand that not all is lost.

On this pool it easy to see that the wall has rusted though and the pool is not safe. I’m going to save the pool, by using what is known as a wall saver! and by doing so I will save the Home owner a ton of money!

In order to fix the pool I will start by removing the pool water then the top seats, after I will remove the pool liner!

Next I will remove the upright post that is covering the wall bolts, so I can get at the wall bolts. I will remove each bolt from where the wall is seamed together.

Once that is done I will remove a section of wall. ( your pool may be a signal piece wall but that not a problem because I can measure back along the wall, over overlap the two pieces drill a few holes then cut the excess (bad area) off using the technique as this one.

I have removed the wall saver from the box and will now install it.

Next I will install a new pool liner

I have installed the new liner and have reattached the upright (post) on the outside of the pool. I will add some water to the pool Once I have about 2 feet of water in the pool I will bolt up the skimmer and cut in the return fitting.

As you can see the new section of wall matches perfectly, the skimmer is on and we’re ready to finish filling up the pool and hooking up the filter and pump. Note: Most above ground pool manufacturers or companies either don’t or wont offer wall savers to the consumer, that doesn’t mean your out of luck, it means if you want to modify your pool wall slightly to take advantage of this, you can do so but the outside of the pool wall may not match in color or print.  Big deal right? at least the pool is back together, and you didn’t need to hire someone to take it down and install another pool.

And here it is only 4 hours later. Just like brand new again. That’s why Your Pool Pal Can Say: NOT ALL IS LOST 🙂

Have a great summer and enjoy you’re back yard fun.