About Pool Installations

About Pool Installations

Pool Installation in New HampshireDid you know that Your Pool Pal has been installing pools in NH Since 1980? We’re the best! We sell pools. However if you purchased a pool from someone other then Your Pool Pal? We feel it’s is only fair to let you know that you should always ask the company who you purchased the pool from, to install it for you. More often than not I see too many people buy on impulse discounted pools that are made in china from online pool companies, pool dealers or local franchise stores who make a living on sales only. These types of places only offer sort quick sales. Leaving the purchaser/owner to find an local independent installer. Some store’s may hand you a list of people claiming to be pool installers who have little or no experience, no insurance coverage, no license or registered trade name, basically their weekend worriers trying to grab a quick buck. These people usually get jobs by offering low cost or even a cheaper installation price for cash. They will install a pool no matter where or who you purchased it from, Do your homework. (You’re pool cost you a lot of money)  Contact your state business listing to make sure they are a registered business, licensed in your state. This is the one for New Hampshire (www.NH.gov) Also Contact the local BBB you can for a certificate of Liability insurance and if the workers are covered by worker comp? Otherwise you become 100% Liable for anyone who might get hurt or injured on your property.

Why do I want to tell to ask a pool company who bought a pool from to install it?  What can happen is this, if there are damaged parts, missing pieces or a liner that is inferior because is was made 4 or 5 years ago then boxed up then stored such a liner will no longer fit and it too old to stretch or is made with fillers which reduce not only the cost but it reduces the quality. Thickness doesn’t mean that you’re purchasing good pool liner!

I’m apprising you of this because if your pool fails during the 1st few years or there are missing parts etc. you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place trying to get someone to take responsibility and address the matter at hand. By keeping everything in house, pool and the pool installation you only have one source to deal with which puts you in a better position to have someone stand up to the plate.

Nearly every time the manufacturer or pool store will deny any claim toward them merely by saying they didn’t install your pool, or we can’t help you. have you contacted you’re pool installer? If the  warranty is within the 1 to 2 years the manufacture may take the same stance? However if your pool is 4 years out or more the store will gladly sell you a brand new pool according to the guidelines and terms in the warranty, most likely offering you a new pool at 50% of suggested retail plus shipping and handling cost, probably more then you paid for it on sale. By saying it’s the installer’s fault the store or manufacture is basically off the hook unless you take them to court. If you turn to the installer, most likely he will come out to inspect the workmanship, if the damage is not caused by a faulty installation the problem could be the pool or pool liner was crappy made using poor quality materials. or it wasn’t checked for leakage prior to the winter. Most likely if this happens to you your pool couldn’t stand up to the Harsh NH winter and failed because the materials used in manufacturing. (Some Pools Are Better Than Others). If this is the case the installer will probably let you know the issue is between you and the store of manufacture of the pool. All three entities have valid legal points. However that doesn’t resolve your problem. So do your research in advance! The BBB is the best place to start. Don’t rely on web site such as Yelp or Face Book who don’t validate a complaint to make certain that the sources are real and not merely made up from a person who is retaliating be he or she got fired or a business who are competing with each other and one business is trying to destroy the business by using social media. Site’ like these spread slander, they survive by selling advertisement and rely on this type of crape to generate clicks,  they care less about truth or any real facts Good Bad all the same to them.

My Company Your Pool Pal can and will install your pool for you even though you bought it elsewhere. (Provided I can fit it into may busy schedule) I would rather have you purchase a pool from my company and avoid becoming part of the mix.  I carry a good above ground pool and have the ability to deal directly with you and distributors as well as a manufacturer. This way you, the home owner and I can avoid many issues if any? A privet pool dealer such as mine who will install the pool most likely only carry’s a proving high quality above ground pool because we don’t want our customers having issues. If you bought a pool from another company and would like Your Pool Pal to set it up for you? You will need to sign an agreement waiver making certain Your Pool Pal Llc. will not be held liable and remain completely harmless from all repercussions relating to a pool you purchased from a separate company, The agreement will include any delays that could occur if there is damaged, missing, wrong or lost parts, Your Pool Pal did not ordered or supplied the pool. If delays occur at the time or during the time of installation for any reason additional charges may be applied.

Sincerely Your Pool Pal llc.
Brian D.