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During July 2013, after 4 long HOT Southern NH Summers, my husband & I, during yet another heat wave, decided on a whim to install an in-ground pool. We didn’t want a giant pool. We just wanted something that the 2 of us could relax in. We wanted luxury though. I jumped online and started researching. I quickly realized that this wasn’t something that I was going to figure out on my own. I needed an EXPERT to help guide us through this project. I called around to several local pool companies. It was interesting to me that not all the companies really wanted my business. I was putting in a small pool, yes, but I wasn’t interested in cutting corners. Some companies never even returned my calls. Wow! I was kind of shocked. Is pool construction that booming, that they could turn away a prospective client?

One of the calls I made was to “Your Pool Pal”. The owner, Brian, called me back right away. I told him what I was looking for, and within a couple of hours, he had sent a drawing to my e-mail. The design was very interesting. I was intrigued. He had clearly listened to what I wanted. Brian came out to our house a few days later. We spent several hours discussing ideas & options. Brian explained what would work, what wouldn’t, and other aspects that we would need to consider. It was obvious that he was PASSIONATE about this business.

I really wanted to stay with a local company. If I am going to invest in a big project like this, I prefer to keep the business in the local community. Your Pool Pal wasn’t the least expensive company around, but I was okay paying a little more for Brian’s expertise and experience. He embraced our project. He has built pools larger than ours, but he never made our project feel any less important. In fact, because we put in a smaller pool, we were able to put in a couple more “luxury” features. Brian was patient with my questions, design changes, and understood the anxiety that I experienced during the project (I’m a natural worry wart). In the end, we ended up with a 28’x18′ oasis shaped heated salt-water pool, with a spa, with remote controlled LED lighting. The most luxurious feature of the pool is the GORGEOUS wedding cake tiered steps, and a submersed sun-deck that allows us to luxuriate in the Sun, while lying in the pool. (Ask Brian to see a picture of this, it is pretty awesome.)

Brian was present and involved in every step of the pool installation. He and his crew were courteous and thorough. You could tell that these gentlemen had been working together for years. Sometimes I got a giggle out of the banter they had with each other, during the construction. They never seemed uncomfortable with the fact that we were watching the construction over their shoulders.

Brian has relationships with many professionals that he works with for the various aspects of the project. These include excavation, patio work, landscaping, electrical, & fencing. He knows which companies to work with, and which to avoid. He looks for good values with these contractors, but not at the expense of exceptional workmanship.

Consider “Your Pool Pal” for your pool project. Tell Brian, Kim from Sandown sent you, so that he can share pictures of our project. Installing a pool is not for the faint of heart (trust me on this), but with the guidance of “Your Pool Pal”, you will successfully maneuver through the construction phase, and see your pool vision transform into a reality, leaving your neighbors drooling with envy.

Kim R.
Sandown, NH

This letter below is a recommendation from Mike Desmond who worked many of years for a well-known New Hampshire based pool distributor “The Pool Depot”:

Hi Julie !The summer couldn’t be better! The weather has broken all the record books as being one of the best in 50 years! Glad you got in touch with me about “pools”. I am no longer in the business, but I stay connected.

First, you DO NOT want to buy a pool and then have someone install it. Most pools that are for sale to the public aren’t so good. They’re cheap imitations of the ones that you get when dealing with a professional. It’s best to deal with an outfit that supplies a quality product and does the installation also. This way, you have the best of all worlds!

Pool dealers can be worse than used car dealers. Many are cut-throat and just slam a pool in, get their money and run. I ran a company for 5 years that manufactured the pools and the liners that go into them. We didn’t sell to the public at all! We only dealt with the pool dealers that installed them. I know every one of them in a 125 mile radius ! I know who is good. I know who is honest, and I know who puts in a good pool.

There are several in your area…be careful. One guy that stands out is a guy that is not the biggest…but he puts his heart and soul into installing a good pool. His name is Brian and he owns “Your Pool Pal”. A small outfit that does a great job and you and Jonathan will really like dealing with him! He’s honest.

He carries two brands of above ground pools ( he can get anything you want) that are heads and shoulders above the rest. One of them is made in Canada!! They are both very good quality! Brian will stand behind them both as being quality! Brian also builds some of the best In-grounds pool in the area should you decide to go in ground.

Brian is busy “on the job” most of the time and may not be easiest guy to catch up with. It would be best for you to make contact with him in the early evening to set up a time that you can get together. I have made contact with Brian and told him to expect your call. Begin your conversation with him by mentioning my name “Mike Desmond”…he’ll open up with you from there.

His contact information:
E-Mail…[email protected]
Business (603) 228-8929

If there is any other help I can give you folks…just gimmie a call or shoot me a E-Mail!

Take Care!
Mike Desmond

A Great Company to work with:I would recommend your pool pal to anyone putting in a pool. They were fantastic. They were bang on with price and time frame. He promised my son he would be swimming within 10 days and made it happen. Brian and his crew did outstanding work. We couldn’t ask for better. We are looking forward to doing business with them in the future. Brian Thanks for the great Job!!!
Robyn and Dean.Dean & Robyn, Londonderry

The best decision I ever made!

For the best deals, the most complete pool package for one price, I recommend calling Your Pool Pal. This NH company is about fine quality and workmanship. In my opinion he has the best pool package out there, doing his own installations so I didn’t have to deal with other contractors. Not only was the work completed on time, doing everything he said he would do, this company took the time to explain each step, including pool care and maintenance. Our yard was left neat and clean when he was finished. We recommend this company to anyone buying a pool. Thank You Brian.

Monique Jome’ Ricker I second that Brian! Everyone should have a pool…it’s THE best thing that I have ever bought my family! I love my pool and am counting down the days until it’s opened up for the season! Seriously, if anyone is considering purchasing a pool, I’m glad to give Your Pool Pal “Brian” a reference!!!

Mr & Mrs Bigl,

Rating: (5 stars)

June 20, 2011“I am so Happy to have found a local Pool Helper:) You call and they are here:) So not true with another site:( Chad & H did everything I asked for and gave me a great reference for something else I wanted:) I am just thrilled with the quick service and knowledge of all of the filter and components and set up. I hope you are all are able to enjoy their services.”

Debra Collins
Candia, NH