Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

Pool Filter Systems in Manchester, NH Your Pool Pal knows that the heart of any pool is its filtration system, so it needs to be set up and installed right. The Sta-Rite system #3 is built to last and will keep your pool water looking sparkling clean without having to backwash or clean it for the entire season. For price and professional installation contact us today!

Your Pool Pal LLC. Cares about the people he builds pools for. I want you to have the very best top notch pool in the state. My high quality workmanship and materials goes far beyond what the eye see’s “That’s because I care about what’s in the ground. I never want you to ever have to work on or repair plumbing, pipes, hose clamps or any fittings ever! nor do I want you to worry about winter freezing. “I’m what is referred to as: GREEN! Energy-efficient! So Call Now and I’ll show you what others either don’t know or just wont tell you. 603-228-8929 Ask for Brian.

Simplicity always works best! Large amounts of water go into the pump, then out into the filter where it removes debris. Water then flows to the heater where the temperature is maintained to your comfort and then into a special mineral vessel (Pool Frog) where 99% of the bacteria will be killed. This system can take care of your pool water at a rate of over 100 gallons a minute. The average pools built today contain 25,000 gallons of water. This system can filter and treat about 48,000 gallons of pool water in 8 hours. If you require more power it can be increased more. This system includes a chlorine generator. (Salt System) and is fully serviceable as each piece has it’s own union, never cut and splice another pipe. It will never move out of place because it’s built on top of concrete with all electrical wires encased and secured in place on the concrete pad, even the valves use are serviceable.

Make no doubt about it! this system is built to work and last. Because it was built by Your Pool Pal!

This is a very low maintenance swimming pool filtration system. It filters, heats, sanitizes and treats about 75-100 gallons of water a minute even while your away. Making its own chlorine and using Natural Minerals to kill germs. This system has the ability to kill 99% of all bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals! Chlorine levels will drop so low that they are nearly undetectable.

Your Pool Pal is a pool builder, not a chemical sales person and that’s why you should have him build your pool.

What Wrong With Using Flex Spa Pipe?, (SEE BELOW) Please be forewarned. Flex Spa pipe has many draw backs. Manufacturer’s put a warning liable on every role being sold. Call (310)539-1822 in regards to this product. This is what I have to say about it:

  1. When it gets too cold out, it becomes brittle when that happens it can crack or split.
  2. If it’s gets too warm it can collapse or loose it’s shape.
  3. Ant’s and termite’s eat this material. Mice, mole’s and chipmunk’s can and will chew holes in it under certain conditions.
  4. If the water chemistry gets too far out of balance and/or you use certain chemicals at high levels the Flex Spa pipe will basically absorb water and expand becoming soft and weak often kinking and reducing water flow.

I have placed pictures above to help you see for yourself what I want to bring to your attention. There are photo’s of new and used Flex Spa pipe. You can see it has failed after a few years of use. and see how this product swelled up, it became soft and punky. The 4th picture from left to right shows the Flex Spa pipe improperly connected to the skimmer using a hose clamp. Flex Spa pipe is suppose to be glued not clamped. The 4th & 5th pictures shows that this pipe has expanded in length, it had no place to go, so it kinked in place nearly stopping all water flow into the pool skimmer. The pool builder (who ever?) use Flex Spa pipe through out the entire pool project. It failed and in order to repair the pool, the Flea pipe had to be removed. The pool patio had to be cut up everywhere in order to gain access to remove it. That also meant the pool skimmers, returns and jets for the steps all had to be re-plumbed costing the owner a small fortune in money.

So Why Use Flex Spa Pipe?

Flex spa pipe is commonly being used by swimming pool dealers and builders throughout the country to plump swimming pools primarily because It is easy to work with, cost less and increases profits. I (Your Pool Pal Llc. ) don’t use it unless it becomes necessary and at that point I use as sparingly as possible. Also some pool water features such as Spill-Spa’s, water falls and hot tubs are pre-plumed from the factory with it.  As I said It’s great for the pool builder, he can increase sales by cutting cost work a little faster saving money. But what about the home owner who is stuck with it? it’s going to be very costly them to have to hire pool company such as mine to come and replace it.

The cost can run up into thousands of dollars. More then likely you will either need or want a new patio or you’ll have live with one that has visible patches after the repairs have been made. That is not a pretty sight to live with and not what you expected when you bought your pool. I’m sharing my information with you, Please keep it mined when and if you are hiring someone other then Your Pool Pal llc. to build your family’s swimming pool.

If you’re pool has already been been built and it has Flex Spa plumbing be careful which chemicals you use, The PH and Alkalinity also the winter closings.

​​​Flex Spa, can cost as little as $100. to plumb a pool Compared to superior proving products such as black poly pipe using SCH 40 fittings and Schedule 40 P.V.C.which averages about $700. including labor. It’s can save thousands.

Trust me, you’re better off paying more to get a pool plumbed right, then to get a system that will breakdown a few years after the installation. So please for your sake don’t be be penny pinching. don’t cut cut corners, there is no cheep way out, you either pay up front and get a great pool or go with cheep guy and pay for the rest of your life or as long as you own the pool.