Aboveground Pools

The Garden Leisure Voyager LX Platinum Series aboveground pool has pro-rated 60 year warranty 3 years full and 57 years pro-rated. This pool is made with pride in America. Has 8″ top rails, 8″ uprights, 52″ wall height and so much more.

Vyn-All make the best liners to fit any pool regardless of brand or manufacturer.

​Your Pool Pal has been in the pool business for over 34 years. When it comes to installing pools we are professionals and take no short cuts. That sets us apart from all others.

We are a fully insured company and every employee is covered by workers comp. NOT the home owners insurance who hired us.

Your Pool Pal Llc. is a Credited member of the Better Business Bureau “BBB” with a “A+ rating, and not a fly by night weekend warrior, trying to turn a quick buck.

Your Pool Pal does the job right! We stands behind our work! We help people understand their options before they buy anything. Our company is happy to teach you how to care for your pool making sure that your off to a good start.

When you purchase a pool from us and hire us to install your pool you will be glad you did.

Our prices are competitive, our work far above others, we take our work seriously, we stay in business, we’re here year after year, so why should you hire anyone else? You need our services now and you if you need them in the future we here to help you. Our customers are happy customers!

Your Pool Pal Brian.

2014 Above Ground Pool Installation Guideline is as follows:

15'$ 1,100
18'$ 1,100
21'$ 1,200
24'$ 1,300
27'$ 1,400
28'$ 1,600
30'$ 1.800
33'$ 2.100
12' x 24'$ 2.000
15' x 24'$ 2.100
15' x 30'$ 2,200
16' x 32'$ 2,300
18' x 34'$ 2,500
18' x 36'$2,900
21' x 41'$ 3,150

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